Silicon Fertilizer Solution With Potassium

SILIMON is a concentrated totally transparent soluble liquid supplement that contains fully soluble silicate and potassium, to help plant strengthen cell walls and xylem vessels by creating a thin layer on the cuticle, hardens the leaf which in addition to having hygroscopic properties.
SILIMON reduces water loss and environmental stress in both plants and cuttings, especially during times of high transpiration. It also enhances resistance to stress like drought, frost, aphid attacks,
fungal infections by improving leaf erectness, reducing susceptibility to lodging in cereals especially rice, improving photosynthesis efficiency, activating many key enzymes, enhancing reproduction by improving pollination and increasing pollen fertility, lifting yield and quality in the most field crops and cereals, legumes like beans and peas, forages, orchard trees, potatoes and bulb vegetables, fruit vegetables, grapes, ornamentals and hydroponically grown plants. SILIMON aids in photosynthesis
and nutritional compounds as well as Enhances translocation of sugars and starch and Reduces respiration preventing energy losses.







Application Dosage And Guidelines




industrial crops and ceraeals especially rice and sugarcane, corn, cotton

100-200ml/ hl


Apply in a minimum of 600 L water. Apply every 10-15 days from first visible leaf headlong. For best results, apply first sprays before leaf hardening of crop. Apply to sugarcane during the sugar amlumulation months

Citrus, grapes and fruit trees

100-200ml/ hl


2-3 applications during growing season


100-200ml/ hl


2-3 applications during growing season

Nuts and olive

100-200ml/ hl


2-3 applications during growing season

Bulbs, onion and potatoes

100-200ml/ hl


2-3 applications, from head differentiation - post-sowing, tuber formation

Soil or drip or hydroponic stock nutrient solution

100-200ml/ hl


6-8 times per crop cycle. Maximum of 8 L/Ha





Water-soluble Silicon (SiO3)

   20 %

Water-soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O)