Boron-Ethanolamine Containing High Boron Concentrate

LIBOR contains high amount of Boron is your biggest supporter against Boron deficiency in all types of cultivations. 
LIBOR formulated with organic compound makes it a powerful product that supports hormone mobility, cell wall formation, Calcium uptake and sugar mobility as it supports flowering and pollen development. 
LIBOR provides ease of application in large areas due to its liquid formulation. It Strengthens flowering, fruit stem, and supports pollen formation, stimulates plant growth by strengthening the growth points of plants and cell wall as it supports Calcium uptake, prevents hormone changes in plant that happens due to Boron deficiency and ensures regulates plant growth. It is recommended for plants that are sensitive to boron deficiency like Sugar Beet, celery, potato, sunflower, banana, apple, roses and all vegetables.







Application Dosage And Guidelines




Greenhouse plants

150-200 ml/hl

2-3 application with 25 interval days

Sugarbeet, Soybean, Corn, sunflower

200-250 ml/hl

Beginning from 4-6 leaf stage period

Watermelon and Zucchini

150-200 ml/hl

Before flowering and when first fruits seen

Open field vegetables

100-200 ml/hl

2-3 application with 15 interval days


100-200 ml/hl

2-3 application with 25 interval days

Stone fruits, Pome fruits, Banana,

Kiwi, Citrus

100-150 ml/hl

4 applications:

-Before flowering,

-on cap fall,

-when fruits is like a nut size

-when fruits grow up


100-150 ml/hl

2-3 applications with 25 interval days beginning from sour grape period

Olive, Nut trees

100-150 ml/hl

2 applications: Before flowering and before harvest








     6.5 %

Total Nitrogen (N)

      15 % 

Water-soluble Boron (B)