High Potassium Fertilizer Solution With Nitrogen, Phosphorus And TE

HI-K is a high potassium formulation with high percentage of natural organic metabolic activator that promotes ripening, enhances color and increases sugar content, color intensity and hardness of fruits. It is suitable for crops suffering from stress conditions such as draught, fungal attacks, poor soil conditions. HI-K is an excellent liquid fertilizer formulation that has a positive effect on size, taste, aroma and color formation of fruits. 
While maintaining a healthy plant formation, HI-K increases the resistance mechanism of the plant against diseases, and controls the passage of water inlet and carbon dioxide oxygen gases from Stomata. At the same time, it increases photosynthesis by promoting the transport of magnesium in the phloem. 
By using HI-K agronomical, physiological and molecular beneficial responses would be appeared. 



Application Dosage And Guidelines




Greenhouse Plants

100-200ml/ hl/1000m²

5-8 application during fruit bearing

starting after vegetative growth,  2 week interval


Pepper, tomatoes, cucumbers

100-200ml/ hl/1000m²

1-2 application starting immediately after vegetative growth during fruit growth

1 application at fruit setting

Sugar beet, potatoes

200-300ml/ hl

1-2 applications, from flowering to final tuber growth

            Industrial Plants

100-200ml/ hl

2-4 applications in late season

Open field vegetables

150-200ml/ hl

2 applications starting immediately after vegetative growth with  2 week interval

Orchard trees

100-200ml/ hl


2 – 4 applications, starting from beginning fruit set until fruit ripening

2 extra applications during fruit maturation


100-200ml/ hl

4 – 6 applications, from beginning fruit set to rippening

2 extra applications directly on cluster during fruit maturation


100-250ml/ hl


2  applications, from blooming growth until beginning fruit set


100-200ml/ hl

2 -4 applications, from final stage of blooming growth until rippening




   10 %

Total Nitrogen (N)

   10 %

Water-soluble Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5)

   40 %

Water-soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O)

  2.5 %

Seaweed Extract

  1.5 %

Water-soluble Magnesium (MgO)

  0.3 %