High Phosphorus Fertilizer Solution With Nitrogen, Potassium And TE

HI-P is a high phosphorus formulation for stages where adequate phosphate uptake is crucial such as root development, flowering, fruit setting and transplanting merges nature and technology to enhance biological soil life and plant productivity. All pure nutrients are fully soluble and therefore more effective since it is completely assimilable and ready to use by crops.  It is recommended solution for macro and micro nutrient deficiencies as a large amount of EDTA chelated trace elements was used, it ensure the plant to work at maximum level even in adverse climate and soil conditions. 
HI-P contains special enhancer additive and vitamins, enzymes, amino acids which promotes rapid root growth and regeneration for seedlings, cuttings, installation, and transplanting. For use on greens, tees, sports turf, lawns, fairways, new seeding, overseeding, hydroseeding, trees, shrubs, ornamental plants, flower beds, nursery, greenhouse and vegetables. 
HI-P improves root function without stimulating excessive top growth, promotes quick recovery from stress, and reverses minimal deficiencies that cause chlorosis and necrosis in mid period of growing season.



Application Dosage And Guidelines




Greenhouse Plants

100-200ml/ hl/1000m²

2 applications, starting immediately after transplanting until vegetative growth  2 week interval

4 application during fruit bearing

Pepper, tomatoes, cucumbers

100-200ml/ hl/1000m²

1-2 application starting immediately after transplanting to vegetative growth

1 application at fruit setting

Sugar beet, potatoes

100-250ml/ hl


1-2 applications, from tuber initiation until flowering

        Industrial Plants

100-200ml/ hl

1 -2 applications in early season

Open field vegetables

100-200ml/ hl


2 applications starting immediately after transplanting, early vegetative growth with  2 week interval,

Orchard trees

100-250ml/ hl


2 – 4 applications, from vegetative growth until beginning fruit set.

2 extra applications during fruit maturation


100-200ml/ hl


4 – 6 applications, from vegetative growth until beginning fruit set.

2 extra applications directly on cluster during fruit maturation


100-200ml/ hl


2  applications, from blooming growth until beginning fruit set


100-300ml/ hl


2 -4 applications, from blooming growth until beginning fruit set




   10 %

Total Nitrogen (N)

   40 %

Water-soluble Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5)

   10 %

Water-soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O)

  10 %

Total amino acids

  1.5 %

Water-soluble Magnesium (MgO)

  0.3 %