NPK Fertilizer Solution With Seaweed Extract And Mg, B, Cu, Fe, Zn, Mo

BIOPEAK is a unique highly concentrated fertilizer produced based on natural biogenic stimulants, enriched by high quality, well-adjusted NPK mineral composition and high standard content of microelements chelated by EDTA agent to provide all-in-one nutrient delivery system. It is a multiuse formulation to improve nutritional plant status in times of peak demand or when deficiency symptoms first appears.  BIOPEAK is fertilizer with that provides maximum effect to the plant even in adverse conditions due to stress mitigating substances. Aims to reduce the stress conditions of the plant, to trigger soil microorganism activities and to recover plant physiology through different pathways than nutrients. Macro and micronutrients in agreement with organic compounds that have high mobility in the plant can be absorbed more easily by using BIOPEAK. It keeps the plant development safe from the risk factors at low concentrations by affecting basic biochemical processes in plants and soil. BIOPEAK liquid formula is tested and preferred by professional farmers for better root formation, flowering and fruit growth, maintaining plant growth, yields and quality; improve crop vigor, post-harvest shelf life/conservation in different period of the plant growth.



Application Dosage And Guidelines




Greenhouse Plants

100-200ml/ hl/1000m²

Any time as plant needs


3 – 6 liters/ha

5 applications, 2 week interval, starting at vegetative growth


300ml/ hl


3 – 4 applications, from tuber initiation until flowering

Pome/stone trees

Nut trees



150-200ml/ hl


4 – 6 applications, from vegetative growth until beginning fruit set


100-200ml/ hl


8 applications, from bud break until berry softening, 2w interval

Corn, sorghum, forage crops

100-250ml/ hl


3 – 5 applications, start tillering until silking


100-300ml/ hl


4 – 6 applications, from vegetative growth until beginning fruit set.

2 extra applications directly on cluster during fruit maturation


200-400 ml/hl

3 – 5 applications, start first node until flowering

Leafy vegetables

100-200ml/ hl


Leafy vegetables 4 – 8 kg/ha 5 applications, 2 week interval, starting at vegetative growth


100-150ml/ hl


3 – 5 applications, start tillering until flowering

Sugar beet

100-200ml/ hl


3 – 5 applications, start 4-6 leaf stage until maturation


100-300ml/ hl

3– 5 applications, vegetative growth up to green boll




   20 %

Total Nitrogen (N)

   20 %

Water-soluble Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5)

   20 %

Water-soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O)

   20 %

Seaweed Extract

   10 %

Total amino acids

  1.5 %

Water-soluble Magnesium (MgO)

  0.3 %