Provides Zinc In Organic Forms

AMAZINC is a high source of chelated zinc in liquid form that is easily available to plant uptake. It has shown unique results with plants that are sensitive to zinc Deficiency like Corn, Soybean, Cotton, Potato, Onion, Citrus, and Peach. It can be used in all vegetable and fruit trees to prevent and cure plants affected by physiopathology deficiencies such as foliar necrosis, dwarfing, apical bud atrophy, fruit pulp whitening, branches blight, weak stem and chlorosis. It provides benefit to plant in many ways like accelerating buds, flowering and pollen formation and positive effect on maximizing yield in starchy plants due to its ability to promote starch creation as well. AMAZINC directly plays a major role in the synthesis of some compounds that are essential for building plant proteins such as cysteine, cysteine and methionine. Those compounds are also involved in the synthesis of high-energy molecules like ADP and ATP, which are used in the photosynthesis and respiration process of plants. Therefore, AMAZINC plays an important role in increasing the oily acid profile and harvest quality especially in oily high cash plants and trees. For nutritional purpose targeted applications before harvesting are suggested in order to increase fruit firmness and fruit shelf life.


Application Dosage And Guidelines


Dosage (foliar)


tomato, pepper, eggplant, melon

100-200ml/ hl


When transplanting seedlings

On first flowering period

After first fruit

Cereals, extensive crops and forages

2-2.5 L/Ha

When plant is 20-40 cm height

On top tassel formation

On 3-5 leaf stage, tillering, with herbicide

sugar beet, carrot, radish, onion

100-200ml/ hl

On 4-6 leaf stage


100-200ml/ hl


On bunch extension

On flower set

15 days after flower setting

After harvest

Citrus, olive

         100-200ml/ hl


Before flowering

when fruit in nut size

After harvest

fruit trees (apple, cherry, peach,

pear quince, apricot)

100-200ml/ hl


Flower period

Fruit period

After harvest


100-300ml/ hl


On 3-5 leaf stage

Boll period

Flowering period

potatoes, soy beans, chickpea, peas, rapeseed, peanut

150-200ml/ hl


Before flowering

20 days after flowering


100-200ml/ hl


On 4-6 leaf stage

Before flowering and in 20 days intervals



   70 %