Phosphorus And Potassium Fertilizer Solution

CROPICK is a high solubility mineral fertilizer, which is in gel form for foliar or fertirrigation application.
CROPICK it has a particularly formulation suitable to be applied when required to provide and supply of phosphorus and potassium in specifc vegetative stages.
The proper ratio of phosphorus-potassium promotes an optimal fruit development in size, color and favor in addition to promoting proper lignfcation of shoots, favoring fowering.





Application Dosage And Guidelines





50-100 ml / hl

From vegetative resumption and grape swelling to the beginning of veraison

Fruit trees, nuts, olive

80-120 ml / hl

(stone fruits: 400-800 ml / hl)           

From vegetative resumption and fruit set to pre-harvesting (Citrus trees - From fruit size of 4-5cm)

Vegetables for production of fruits, Vegetables as a whole, strawberries

80-100 ml / hl water per hectare


From early fruit set (Cucurbits - Post-transplant)

Bulbs, onion and potatoes

100-150 ml / hl

 From head differentiation - post-sowing, tuber formation

Industrial crops, cereal, forage

100-200 ml / hl


Post-emergence and in case of stress

Ornamentals and flower plants

80-100 ml / hl


During growing




   45 %

Water-soluble Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5)

   50 %

Water-soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O)

     5 %

Bio Stimulants