HUMISOL 18-18-18

Balanced NPK With Micro elements And Humic Acid

HUMISOL is an organomineral fertilizer line based on nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K) and chelated trace elements. It can be used as a bottom fertilizer and also during plant development and until fruit/grain formation. It enhances seed germination, root growth, flowering, fruit formation, plant resistance to disease and drought. It prevents, thanks to the trace elements it contains, yield losses by taking care of trace element deficiencies, which can occur in soils with high lime content and pH values.


Advantages Of Use:
• increased absorption capacity of the roots
• Slower ageing of the root systems
•  improved efficiency of the plant growth mechanisms
•  Heavy metals are made insoluble and unavailable for the plants
•  Production of essential metabolites is stimulated.


Application Dosage And Guidelines


Recommended Applications

In all crops in general

4-5 Kg / ha divided into several doses ( 1- 2 Kg / ha)

Fruit trees,
grapes, citrus 
and olive trees

1 Kg / 1000 m 2 in Soil irrigation, divided into
several doses

Row crops,
cereals and beet
root crops

4-5 Kg / ha in soil irrigation divided into several
doses ( 1 Kg / ha ) during the season

Horticultural plant
and industrial 

5 Kg / ha divided into several doses ( 1 Kg / ha)
during season


1 Kg / ha divided into several doses
( 200 grams / ha) during season or
5 liters / m 2 during preparation of substances


150-300 grams / 1000 liters water every two
weeks during the season




18-18-18 + TE + Potassium Humate