Completely Water-Soluble, Highest Organic Nitrogen Content And L-Amino Acids Concentration

Powder EUROAMINO is a latest patented pure organic compound resulting from natural protein hydrolysis which is consisted of wide range of low to medium molecular weight L-amino acids to supply complex vital structures, enzymes peptides and proteins. acts as natural biostimulants as well as supporting plant recovery during abiotic and biotic stresses. Powder EUROAMINO contains organic nitrogen, in addition to wide range of essential L-amino acids which accelerates protein formation and increases the productive capacity of the treated crops. Exclusive production processes of this product guarantees the presence of essential amino acids to stimulate the plant’s chlorophyllic function and accelerate the vegetative development, stimulates plant metabolism through natural phyto-promoters (e.g. auxins, gibberellins, cytokinins) and hormone-like molecules (free amino acids). Consequently, delicate physiological process like rhizogenesis, flowering, fruit setting, tissues lignification and differentiation of reproductive buds are improved. As end result: induction of growth and yield are both promoted. The natural balance of total and free amino acids would be the proof of the absence of any synthesis of free amino acids that improves resorption in leaves and roots of microelement fertilizers (e.g, iron, zinc, manganese and copper) due to the natural properties of the chelate of amino acids. It is especially indicated in the initial growth and development stages of the crop, in the flowering and fruit growth stage and at any time when biotic or abiotic stress is generated in the crop.




Application Dosage And Guidelines


Foliar: at a rate of 750-2000 g / ha




% 40 

Free Amino Acids

% 45 

Total Amino Acids