EUROSOL 26% MgO + 20.8% S

Soluble Grade Magnesium Sulfate

EUROSOL series is a crystalline soluble fertilizer concentrate formulated to be dissolved in water and applied as a nutrient solution. This product is available to the leaves and roots of plants. EUROSOL series is an added micronutrients superior water soluble formulas that dissolve and easily in all qualities of water. EUROSOL series water-soluble line are produced with high quality raw materials, which guarantees and safety of use. It ensures the quality and quantity of harvested crops.


Advantages Of Use:
• Simple and easy to use because of highly soluble, low in chlorine and biuret
• High absorption of the nutritive solution
• High solubility of the product.


Application Dosage And Guidelines

Crop type

Quantity to apply

Application periods





Fruit trees, grapes, citrus and olive trees

15-30 Kg/ha

200-300 g/100 L.

2 times during vegetative growth and from fruit set until beginning of ripening

Row crops, cereals and beet root crops

15-40 Kg/ha

200-300 g/100 L.

2-3 times during growing season

Horticultural plant and industrial crops

200-300 Kg /ha

200-300 g/100 L.

During vegetative growth


100-200 grams per 100 m2

200-300 g/100 L.

During early vegetative phase

Hydroponic Systems

Use the product for the preparation of the stock solution at a maximum concentration of 15-20% and dilute in the irrigation water

200-300 g/100 L.






   26 %

Magnesium (MgO)

20.8 %

Sulfur (S)