About Us

EUROGREEN was innate with the commercial motivation to make a contribution to provide solutions for improving agricultural production, respecting and protecting the environment, remaining sustainable soil and refining plant health, the result of careful and specialized scientific research in modern fertilizers and biostimulants.

Always new formulations, the result of selective investigations and pioneering technologies and highest quality raw materials combined with a firm know-how of those who have been working in the sector for years.

These intersperses have enabled our company to offer purest grade fertilizers and biostimulants products available in the market at competitive pricing worldwide that enhance value for our clients globally. EURO GREEN's business model from the start has been to produce the highest quality products on a volume scale for global distribution, with the primary goal being to provide real results and value to our distributors, wholesalers, retailers and end users.

This is the underground that makes EUROGREEN one of the most approaching companies in the agronomic scene.

All sustainable soil and plant health and productive technology solutions, we use for clients are very prudently designated to be the most environmentally friendly products available by inspiring the nature. A strong focus on research and development has yielded a unique, patent-protected line of soil productivity products unequaled by the competition. State-of-the-art EUROGREEN technologies have been proven in the field and in replicated trials are the basis of our success. We aim to continue producing top-quality products while reducing our influence on the environment. Nowadays, our company is able to universally re-join to the specific requirements of the Clients, needs that return new and growing requirements, in an environment of increasingly infrequent and costly resources.


The mission

EUROGREEN is already trying to find innovative ways to connect natural processes that improve soil and plant health by creating synergies and value for professional agriculture. Our leading-edge technologies are designed to feed valuable soil microbes, improve nutrient uptake and complement conventional plant nutrition. It’s the supportable approach to improving crop productivity – science in harmony with nature.

The vision

is that of a commercial growth respecting the environment, with highly innovative products, contributing to being a point of reference in the field of plant nutrition with the continuous supply of always new products for optimal fertilization for professional agriculture.